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Soap-Ward Bound

  Soapward Bound As I look at the calendar, it reads The End of July. What it actually means is, it's almost Christmas. As in, it's two days before Christmas, and you have started Christmas shopping yet. Welcome to soap. If you're not ahead, you're late. Taking anywhere from 6 weeks upwards of a year to cure, soap is most definitely But patience is rewarded. Much like wine, soap gets better with age. In preparation to ready ourselves for Fall, Winter and Christmas, we've been on a soap-making frenzy as of late. Soaps for Fall, soap for Christmas, soap restocks, and new soap fragrances. Soap here, soap there, soap everywhere. To phrase it, we're soap-ward bound. Here are some of the soaps we've been working on. We recently did an in-store soap-making demonstration making our  Black Raspberry Vanilla Goat Milk Soap . Had a good turnout and were able to show folks a bit of an inside look on how we make our soap. Another restock was  Avocado