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Road Blocks, Detours, and A New Path.

Imagine you are driving along merrily when a storm comes out of nowhere. You’re safe but also concerned and a bit anxious. As you trudge along the storm ebbs and flows, but suddenly in a flash, the bridge before you gives way, and you have to come to an unexpected stop. There’s no moving forward, and you can’t back up so you sit there idly, having no idea what to do. You pray it’s just a dream or that someone will come to your rescue and then realize that you and only you will have to find a detour to make it to the other side of this horrible situation. Detours are usually paths that you have never been on. They can be full of turns, hills, curves, lonely back roads, and sometimes full of quicksand. This is the best way to describe grief or at least mine. January 11th, 2007, I married the man of my dreams. I never once thought that years later, the kids and I would be living with him on the other side of life….eternal life. We started a large family, bought a large property, and start

Pallet Barn Build - DIY

  Since it was our first year at the farm, we needed winter storage for our hay. Even though there are thousands of trees here, we still need to find one with dollar bills for leaves. Thus began the  build a barn from pallets  project. We found some places locally that were giving/throwing away perfect pallets. Even better, we found a place where the pallets were mainly the same size. This is particularly important when trying to build a structure from pallets. It makes the process significantly easier than having to match greens and yellows up to form a purple. Step 1 :  "Figurin" I needed to do some figurin about the size of what I needed to build. I wanted something that wasn't going to take forever but something that sufficed our current needs while accommodating our growing herd requirements. So I needed to get a grasp on what our hay requirements would be to get through the winter. This involved a little bit of math: area and volume calculations. Being a city boy, i

About Us

  We are a family-run, and owned farm started in 2014. Thirsty Creek Ranch is home to LaMancha dairy goats, free ranged chickens, handmade Goat Milk Soap, Goat Milk Cheeses, and numerous farm-grown fruits and vegetables. Located in the old apple country of the Kansas countryside, we have a small orchard with apples, peaches, plums, and pears. We offer farm-fresh eggs and our line of  Goat Milk Soap ,  Goat Milk Lotion ,  and  Lip Butters .  We moved from the city to the country in search of a better environment to raise our family. Having spent the better part of our lives in the corporate world and living in various big metropolitan cities, we wanted a change. We felt God was calling us to a small city we had barely heard of. Who were we to argue?   Having started out on this new adventure, we quickly felt the desire to become more self-sufficient--in terms of providing more of our own food. What started as a trip to the local farm store, returning with a couple dozen chickens, has tu