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Mabel's 2019 Babies

  Mabel blessed the farm with two babies in 2019. 1 boy and 1 girl. Enjoy Mabel and Her Babies

2019 Kidding Season

  2019 Babies In The Books 2019 Baby Season has come to end. Thanking God for another successful kidding season. This year we had no major issues other than a handful of does deciding to have their babies at.the.same.time. We were headed into work and got about half way there when the house called to let us know Charlotte was pushing. Lovely. Could have definitely been worse but, yeah, she waited until right after we left to go into labor. Goats. So, I told the wife I'd drop her off at the store and head back for baby delivering duties. The kids are more than capable of delivering babies but, I like to be present when possible.  Fig.1 - Go Kit With the wife running the store, I drive back to the farm and by the time I get there, the kids have Charlotte in the barn and have everything ready to go--towels, the "Go Kit", goat separated in a separate barn stall, toddy and grain ready for afterwards . Man, I love these kids something crazy. Charlotte is thinking about getting